Plan your next group outing at CLS!

From adult day-habs to group homes , daycares and schools, Courage League offers opportunities six days a week for group outings. We schedule groups as small as 2 and can accommodate as many as 75 depending on the group.

If your group has specific interests or activities they like more than others, our program specialists will work with you to customize your outing if necessary. Please call us to discuss pricing for your group.

Group Outings Can Consist of:

  • Exergaming (think life-sized video games that incorporates activity and movement)
  • Music & Movement Activities
  • Giant Game Board Fitness
  • Karaoke Cycling
  • Sports, like floor hockey, basketball and noodle ball
  • Other customized activities like parachute ball, snow ball fight and popcorn

You don’t have to be a member to enjoy a birthday party at Courage League Sports. Similar to other children’s birthday and entertainment venues, Courage League offers a variety of activities for kids of all ages to play, be social and be active!

We will work with you to customize activities for your child’s party. Food and beverage are not provided, but you may bring your own pizza, snacks and birthday treats.

Remember, we can offer activities that others cannot, including our exergaming technology! Imagine a giant ipad projected on the gym floor where kids can play in a virtual ball pit or a virtual game of soccer. If sports aren’t their thing, we can jam out in our Opti-Music room that is played by interacting with colored light beams. Any movement within the beam can trigger music, videos or pictures and is a huge hit with participants!

Hour-and-a-half | Members: $95 | Non-members $195

Corporate Team Building

A unique opportunity for corporate teams to come together and experience activities from a new perspective.

Our program staff will work with you to select a variety of activities to meet your team’s goals. Problem solving, communication and leadership are just a few of the skills we’ll focus on.

Cost: $25/person | Two Hours

Scheduling & Information: 515-421-4020 |

Courage League Sports was an outstanding opportunity for members from Integer’s different disciplines and teams to come together for a unique team-building outing. Each activity was a new and different experience focusing on things our business depends on – like team camaraderie and communication. We were able to gain a better appreciation of the challenges those with special needs face in a fun and rewarding atmosphere. –Frank M., President, The Integer Group

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