Let’s make victory accessible for all


Since 2013, Courage League has empowered kids and adults living with special needs, and since 2016, we’ve empowered passionate advocates like you to make a difference in your communities by offering adapted sports licensing.

A child balances on an exercise ball as two adults help. Several more people look on

The need for adapted sports has never been greater

If people with disabilities were a formally recognized minority group, they would be the largest minority group in the United States. By offering adapted programs, your community can become more inclusive, create opportunities for volunteers, as well as improve the overall wellness of your community.

The power of play

Play has a multitude of benefits for children and adults. Kids develop imagination, dexterity and friendships, as well as physical, cognitive and emotional strength through engaging with the world around them.

    • By adjusting the pace, the equipment and the nature of the activity, play can be accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities.


Courage League sports locations

Since 2016, our dream has reached new places and new heights. Organizations in these communities have been mobilized by the same struggle and frustration ours felt for far too long. We are interested in partnering with even more organizations in Iowa to expand the sports opportunities to the roughly 300,000 people in our state living with a disability.