Courage League Sports is a non-profit adaptive sports and recreational program that offers year-round programming for children and adults who aren’t able to go full speed due to a physical, cognitive or emotional disability. By adapting the pace, equipment, or nature of an activity, our programs can provide a safe and accessible environment where participants can go at their own speed.

Our programs have been researched and tested to be effective and safe options for all participants along with a comprehensive training guide for your program staff.  Training includes disability awareness, behavior management and program implementation.

Courage League’s licensed partner/adapted PE program provides you a complete inclusive adapted program.  This includes a complete lesson plan for a semester or year long activities of partner/adapted PE, along with adaptations for all abilities whether they are challenged with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges.

Our Adapted PE program provides opportunities for typically developing students to be involved as Peers to your special needs population.  We provide Peer training of expectations during the course of the classroom time, along with interactive team building activities with their special need partners.  Courage League will provide a playbook of recommendations for your PE program with adaptations, fitness activities and fitness testing adaptations.   Group games will provide opportunities for inclusive play and enhanced social interactions.

Bringing adapted PE or Partner PE programs into your school, provides additional opportunities for those living with special healthcare needs.  Our Partner PE programs provides opportunities for inclusion, raising awareness and bringing your student body together as a whole.