Courage League Sports is a non-profit adaptive sports and recreational program that offers year-round programming for children and adults who aren’t able to go full speed due to a physical, cognitive or emotional disability. By adapting the pace, equipment, or nature of an activity, our programs can provide a safe and accessible environment where participants can go at their own speed.

Courage League’s licensed tumbling program provides you a complete adapted program.  This includes a complete lesson plan for a season of tumbling, along with adaptations for all abilities whether they are challenged with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges.

Our programs have been researched and tested to be effective and safe options for all participants along with a comprehensive training guide for your program staff.  Training includes disability awareness, behavior management and program implementation.

Our tumbling program offers you a complete program playbook for an effective and safe tumbling  for your special population.   We recommend 4-6 week seasons, meeting once per week for 45-60 minutes.    We provide recommendations for dividing groups by ages/abilities, group size along with adapted game play ideas.  Age recommendations for this program are 2-10 years old.

Bringing adapted sports into your community provides additional opportunities for those living with special healthcare needs.  By offering adapted programs, your community becomes more inclusive, opportunity for community volunteers and inclusion.