Meet Jessica,

Jessica and her family recently moved to the Des Moines area. One thing that was important to them was to find a place where she could be active and socialize with peers. For many, finding friends in a new city can be challenging. Luckily, Jessica and her family were able to find Courage League!

Jessica comes to Courage League each morning to get her daily dose of activity while also socializing with new friends. During this time she plays sports and participates in fitness, art and drama programs. She was also recently a part of the cast for our production of “The Jungle Book”. Some of Jessica’s favorite activities include basketball and karaoke cycling.

“The Courage League has been one of the greatest finds for Jessica,” Dana McBratney, Jessica’s mom, said. “It gives her a chance to exercise and socialize with her peers. Courage League is a very welcoming place and Jessica feels like it is her second home. It is hard to find places for adults with disabilities to exercise with their peers. Courage League not only gets her moving but she has a blast doing it. The exercise is great but it is the people who make Courage League work. They called Jessica by her name the first day she arrived and she has opened up to them more than any other people outside the family. She loves Courage League!!”


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