Meet Lani,

“Lani has been coming to CLS since shortly after it opened, and had only been walking independently for a little over a year at the time. CLS gives not only her, but all of her siblings an outlet to play together and have fun in an environment that is adaptive for everyone, and no one is left out. Lani is also deaf and communicates through ASL and the staff has been great about learning to communicate with her and making sure she is involved. Over the last five years Lani has been discharged from all of her outpatient therapies, but CLS still serves her in a fun way to develop her skills and strength in a way that was much different than the typical therapy. While Lani has recently been showing some regression as she is getting older, I know she can still come to CLS and play in whatever way she is able and still work on her strength. The fact that our entire family can play together is amazing and we are so grateful for CLS.” – Heather

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