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  • Goodwill Community Needs Assessment
  • Halfway Point!

    Halfway Point!

    We have reached the halfway point of our May Session of the Special Recreation Programs of Greater Des Moines. Are you interested in signing up for a June session? Visit the link to register and learn more!

  • Needs Assessment Listening Table

    Needs Assessment Listening Table

    Goodwill is starting some great groundbreaking work for our special kids prior to reaching adulthood. Take time to share your needs as your kids grow and what you want for them and their futures. We have programming going on during these two meetings, let your kids play while you are in the meeting. RSVP’s are… Read more »

  • Batter Up! Baseball is Around The Corner!

    Batter Up! Baseball is Around The Corner!

    Baseball season is in full swing! Our session of Team Sports and ChAAMPS baseball is right around the corner! We will provide approximately 30 minutes of skillwork and spend the remainder playing America’s favorite pastime! #everyBODYdeservestoPLAY! #baseball

  • Summer Break Camps!

    Summer Break Camps!

    Our Summer camps are right around the corner! Find one of our summer camps near you by clicking the link below!…/schoolbreakcamps/