Our Welcome Back plan

Courage League has decided to open up limited programming beginning in June. We know that not everyone will be in agreement on this decision, however our family survey response is over 85% positive to return to programs this summer. Obviously, the choice is yours. You have our promise that we will follow all guidelines set forth to keep your special person and our staff safe during programming. There were many questions about the return to programming. We have put together a quick FAQ for you to review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:  Melissa@courageleaguesports.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Temperatures will be taken of staff, participants and the family member coming in for programming. CLS reserves the right to cancel or refuse entrance to a class based on participant health the day of programming.
  • Programs will NOT be offered at this time to anyone living in a group home, group homes or day habs in conjunction with our other programs. If we do those groups, they will be at their respective facilities.
  • Only one age group, one program, with a maximum class size of 6 participants are allowed at a time.
  • There will time between age groups for exiting, sanitizing and entrance of the next age group coming in. No one will be allowed to enter prior to their class time.
  • Only one parent or family member is allowed to bring their participant, they will be required to stay and sit in the waiting area and not in the gym where classes are happening due to group size restrictions. This is mandated by the state of Iowa. All entering will have temperatures checked.
  • All CLS staff will be wearing face shields, gloves and changing their shirts between groups. All CLS staff will be carrying on them (belt clips) hand sanitizer to sanitize themselves or kids as needed.
  • All Participants will wash their hands prior to entering their program and will be required to wash their hands after their program.
  • We will try to the best of our ability to distance the participants, we have changed many of our activities to make this happen. There will be color coding of equipment for participants…green ball, green hula hoop, green scooter etc…
  • CLS will share a social story for families to share with their participants on what to expect. This will be posted on our website and social media outlets.
  • We encourage your participant to wear a mask, however we know this may be difficult with sensory concerns etc…it is not required by encouraged.
  • We currently will only hold programming at Valley Community Center due to availability of space. Most Parks/Recreation sites are closed until July.
  • Access to the Community Center will only be limited to CLS during our programming times through June. Their standards for cleaning the facility are in line with our standards to ensure safe return to all of our families.

June in-person and virtual programming

Our June programming will be offered in a very limited basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays only with 6 participants per class. Because of this, we ask that you only sign up for one class (either Tuesday or Thursday). Classes will only be provided at Valley Community Center in West Des Moines at this time. You will be able to register starting Tuesday, May 26. Our virtual Funcise classes will also continue on Facebook Live on Wednesdays only. COMING SOON: We will be adding Youtube Funcise classes very soon, so be on the lookout for those!


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