Winter Programming Begins Monday, December 3rd!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally important as developing a healthy lifestyle in the formative years.

Our programs will grow with our participants and to their abilities from sitting to standing!

Adaptive programs offered Monday-Friday at 10AM and 1PM!

  • Karaoke Cycling
  • Music and movement classes
  • Adaptive Sports/Field game play
  • Adaptive fitness programming
  • Special Olympic programs

Active Adults Winter Schedule

10 - 11AMPump it Up | Active AdultsArtsy Adults | Active AdultsKaraoke Cycling | Active AdultsGameboard | DrummingBest of Adults-
10-10:30AM-----Mindful Movement
10:30-11AM-----Karaoke Cycling
11AM -12PM-Balancing Act-Balancing Act--
1-2PMPump it Up | Active AdultsBest of AdultsKaraoke Cycling | Active AdultsGameboard | Drumming
5:30 - 6 PMSticks Music | LeagueLeagueLeague | DanceLeague--
6 - 6:30 PMPower Sports | CyclingPlay OnLeague | Karaoke CyclingPlay On--
6:30-7PMPower Sports-Pick - Up Sports-

Program Descriptions

Drama Class!

Calling all actors! Are you ready to light up the stage with your creativity, imagination, and talent? Then we want you! Actors of all ages and ability levels are invited to develop theatre skills such as using their bodies, voices, and imaginations through the use of games, scene work, and more. Get ready to play pretend, think outside the box, and have some fun! Imaginations required!

Active Adults

A fun and engaging class that focuses on the gross motor movements associated with the leisure and outdoor sports ­­while incorporating adaptive techniques to ensure that EveryBODY has the opportunity to play.

Artsy Adults

Designed as a introductory art program for children and adults with disabilities. Within this program participants will develop their fine motor skills while also exercising creative thinking and problem solving skills. Participants will develop and enhance these skills through the use of a wide range of art materials.

Balancing Act

Courage League is proud to announce the return of our wellness program for those challenged with Parkinson’s disease, stroke recovery or those who need balance assistance. Balancing Act is a program aimed to promote improvement for those living daily with the challenges of balance and coordination. Courage League’s vision of EveryBODY deserves to play encompasses the goals of a comprehensive program to include the key factors of play, movement, mind and balance.

Day Hab/ Group Home Visits

Day Hab/Group Home programming is available to outside area agencies and community groups looking to reserve structured gym time for adults within their organization/group.  CLS will plan 1 to 2 hours worth of age-appropriate programming based on the ability levels of each participant.  From aerobic drumming to karaoke cycling to soccer and baseball, group members will get an opportunity to socialize and have a fun workout!  Plan your group outing by calling 515-421-4021.

Inclusive Fitness Training

Our adaptive fitness training brings enhanced mobility, core, balance, and endurance to certain areas of the body while minimizing the risk of injury.  Our CLS staff have been trained in inclusive fitness and have mastered an understanding of exercise precautions, utilizing safe and adapted methods of practice. Fitness training will be delivered in small groups in order to provide semi-individualized training with a workout buddy!

Karaoke Cycling

Through the use of our virtual cycling technology, adaptive recumbent bikes, arm cycles and karaoke machine,  our program allows participants of all ability levels to feel the burn while belting out their favorite tunes!

Mentor/Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities that are “just right” for adults with disabilities are limited.  Yet, volunteering is a great way for individuals with disabilities to obtain life skills, gain meaningful experiences, and build self-confidence.  At CLS, we offer adults with special needs an opportunity to serve as a volunteer during our many different programs as well as opportunities for job shadowing and hands-on instruction. As a result, adults involved in this program will meet new people, and grow in stewardship, and as a person!

Mindful Movement (Yoga)

Yoga is good for EveryBODY! Through a combination of adaptive poses and calming techniques your child will be able to improve their balance, core strength and body awareness.

Open Gym

Supervised and structured gym time for participants and their families/caregivers, including game options for children with special needs.

Giant Gameboard Fitness

Board games get a lot more fun when they are super-sized. CLS has created a collection of life-sized board games using our participants as game pieces! Each game will incorporate different interactive movements that turn classic favorites like Jenga, Connect-Four, Giant Checker and more into live-action fun! Please PASS GO and collect a healthy lifestyle! You won’t be Sorry!


stART is designed as a introductory art program for children and adults with disabilities. Within this program participants will develop their fine motor skills while also exercising creative thinking and problem solving skills. Participants will develop and enhance these skills through the use of a wide range of art materials.

Sticks Drumming

Upbeat music and glow-in-the-dark drumsticks are clinked overhead and bounced on exercise balls to get participants moving and grooving. This class combines motor movement with auditory and visual feedback, which makes it a great instrument for strengthening a variety of skills.

Team Roar! CLS Pom Squad/Dance Party

Follow along to high energy dance routines to some of today’s most popular songs. This cardio workout will put a little extra pep in your two-step! **This class time will be used as cheerleading practice for Courage League’s Team Roar until March 10, 2018, All are welcome to join. The Team Roar! Pom Squad offers friends, fun, music, dancing, cheering, and the opportunity to perform at community sporting events. Ask us about our Special Olympics Cheer/Dance opportunities!

Club Sports

In today’s world of fast-pace, competitive sports, youth with special needs are often sidelined due to risk of injury or simply “not being able to keep up”.  Seasonal club play was created to get these same youth with a passion or interest in sports off the bench and IN the game, while practicing safety and playing at their own pace! This option of play provides participants who have had success at the recreational level an opportunity to step up their game!  Sessions will include 15-20 minutes of drill and station work, with the remaining time allotted for playing the sport.

Power Sports

Participation in power wheelchair sports has been on the rise in recent years, across the country and here at CLS!

Pick-Up Sports

Play-to-score sports with opportunities for 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 scrimmages.  Sessions will consist of 15-20 minutes of drill and station work and end with controlled scrimmaging where players will be able to apply their newly or previously acquired skills into a real game situation.

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