Winter Programming Starts Monday, December 3rd

Activities designed to match the energy level of preschoolers.

We adapt our programs through the use of interactive technology, upbeat rhythmic music, basic tumbling activities, sensory stimulation and other adapted activities built to meet the needs of your child.

  • Tumbling
  • Music and Movement Programs
  • Adaptive Sports
  • Social Skills Development
  • Wiggle & Waltz
  • Autism Programming


Courage Cubs Winter Schedule

10 - 10:30 AM----Mindful Movement
10:30 - 11 AM-----
11 - 11:45 AM-----
4:30 - 5 PMCubs TumblingCubs TumblingTone UpLaunch Pad-
5 - 5:30 PMTwigs MusicstARTWiggle & WaltzTots in Action-
5:30 - 6 PMLaunchpad SportsLaunchpad SportsLaunchpad SportsLaunchpad Sports-
6 - 6:30 PM-----

Class Descriptions

Courage Cubs Tumbling

Core. Strength. Balance. Coordination. The key concepts of early gymnastics will be addressed in this barrier-free class. Toddlers of ALL ability levels will enhance their social/sensory functions, locomotor skill development (hopping, crawling, landing, swinging and leaping) and physical fitness skills (throwing, climbing, eye hand coordination and balance) through movement education. Skills are taught through station work using specialized tumbling equipment and techniques.

Energy to Burn

A program incorporated into Cub League for toddlers with autism, ADHD, or those who have extra energy, We’ll keep these kiddos active and moving in-between activities.

Launchpad Sports

Launchpad is a unique class designed to train our participants in a variety of key areas. Balance, coordination and strength among others will be improved in this fun and engaging class. All activities are designed to provide participants the base they need to launch them into the next level of sports and fitness fun!

Mindful Movement (Yoga)

oga is good for EveryBODY! Through a combination of adaptive poses and calming techniques your child will be able to improve their balance, core strength and body awareness.

Open Gym

Supervised and structured gym time for participants and their families/caregivers, including game options for children with special needs.


stART is designed as a introductory art program for children and adults with disabilities. Within this program participants will develop their fine motor skills while also exercising creative thinking and problem solving skills. Participants will develop and enhance these skills through the use of a wide range of art materials.

Tone Up

A key concept of Courage Cubs Tone Up is teaching and developing body awareness. Participants will work on developing their strength, flexibility, fine and gross motor skills through a variety of toning activities. These movements will allow participants to have improved control of their bodies. As well as strengthening shoulder strength and stability. Strengthening and stabilizing the Core helps with having effective arm movement and a solid base to provide support. Core stability also helps with speech.

Twigs Music

In this introduction to music, athletes will move and groove to their own beat while following along to music activities and age appropriate music.

Wiggle & Waltz!

Shake your groove thing in this introductory dance class! Dancers will develop their skills of critical listening, rhythm and body awareness in this energetic boogie atmosphere!

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