Fall Programming Starts Tuesday, September 4th

New programs built for our younger school age participant’s abilities.

We adapt our programs for all abilities while incorporating fun and social development, with core, balance, upper body development.

  • Art Programming
  • Tiger League Play
  • Drama Programming
  • Music and Movement Classes
  • Autism Programs
  • Team Sports


Courage Tigers Fall/Winter Schedule

10 - 10:30 AM----Mindful Movement
10:30 - 11 AM----Karaoke Cycling
4:30 - 5 PMCircuitKid SpinCircuitStory Savers | Circuit-
5 - 5:30 PMTwigs Music | LeaguestART | CircuitWiggle & Waltz | Gladiator ChallengeSuperhero Training-
5:30 - 6 PMNinjaLeagueKid SpinSuperhero Training-
6 - 6:30 PMLeagueLeagueCircuitSuperhero Training-
6:30 - 7 PM-----

Class Descriptions

Courage Tiger League

An adaptive recreational league geared towards participants that are looking to have fun while learning new skills or enhancing more skills related to sports.


Calling all ages! Welcome to a challenging alternative to open gym!  Every day we will set up new challenges for all of our participants to try.  What makes this class different? We are going to keep track of your scores and times! Each week we will try to improve our times from the week before.

Story Savers

There’s a problem in Storyland and only the Courage League Story Savers can help! In this introductory drama class, participants will look for clues in the magic storybook before traveling into Storyland and saving the day! Imaginations required!


A program incorporated into Tiger League for youth with Autism, ADHD, or those who have extra energy. We’ll keep these kiddos active and moving in-between activities.

Gladiator Challenge

An obstacle-based course that helps each participant become a Courage League Galdiator! With the use of specialized equipment participants will develop their gross motor skills and reach their maximum potential.

Kid Spin

Through the use of our interactive biking technology, adaptive recumbent bikes, arm cycles and karaoke machine, our program allows participants of all ability levels to feel the burn while belting our their favorite tunes!

Mindful Movement (Yoga)

Yoga is good for EveryBODY! Through a combination of adaptive poses and calming techniques your child will be able to improve their balance, core strength and body awareness.

Ninja Power

An adaptive kickboxing class that works to enhance balance, agility, strength and the art of awesomeness. Basic punching and kicking skills, core and cardio exercises will be covered. Non-contact with huge impact.

Open Gym

Supervised and structured gym time for participants and their families/caregivers, including game options for children with special needs.


stART is designed as a introductory art program for children and adults with disabilities. Within this program participants will develop their fine motor skills while also exercising creative thinking and problem solving skills. Participants will develop and enhance these skills through the use of a wide range of art materials.

Superhero Training

Calling all Surperheroes! Agility, Strength and more will be put to the test in Courage League’s new superhero training! Training will be held on Thursday nights during regular program hours. Superhero attire is welcomed.


In this introduction to music, athletes will move and groove to their own beat while following along to music activities and age appropriate music.

Wiggle & Waltz

Shake your groove thing in this introductory dance class! Dancers will develop their skills of critical listening, rhythm and body awareness in this energetic boogie atmosphere!

Power Sports

**Due to the challenge & safety of driving a power chair for those who may not normally do so, we ask that you contact us so we can set up a “driving test” to ensure safety for all.

Participation in power wheelchair sports has been on the rise in recent years, across the country and here at CLS. We are excited to continue to offer year-round sports options including: soccer, basketball and pool!

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